Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Credit checking

Good morning everyone.

We got such a strong response to our item on credit checking we've decided to spend another morning on the issue.

To answer your questions about it, we've invited in Jill Stevens, a director at Experian - one of the three credit reference companies.

Banks, credit card companies, mobile phone firms, high street stores - even car dealers - all check out our credit rating before they decide to give us loans or credit.

Credit checks also help decide how much interest we pay on those loans.

The checks are carried out by three major credit reference companies. They keep all manner of sensitive information about us on their files.

They record how good we are at paying back debts, if there are court judgments against us, and if we've been bankrupt in the last six years.

But it's claimed that one in three people have errors on their credit file.

So how do they get this information? Why do they need it? What do they do with it? And how do we fix it if it's wrong?

We'll answer your questions on air at 0645 and 0745 this morning. Text us on 83981, or message us through the Breakfast website.

And in between those times, we'll answer some more on this blog. Just add your comments here.

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