Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Jill's reply to "Credit Errors"

I can only apologise if people have had difficulty putting things right. At Experian we have 300 people in our consumer help service and most of our customers are satisfied ones. That's no consolation of course for anyone who has had problems.

If you find a mistake on your credit report get back to the credit reference agency. Someone there will contact the organisation that provided the inaccurate information. If it really is wrong it's easy to get it put right. Nobody has any interest in holding inaccurate information. Lenders are basing business decisions on this information and they want it to be correct if the same way as the consumers wants.

The credit reference agency doesn't own the information it holds; the database consists of information owned by lenders. It's there so that they can share details of their customers' credit accounts to help them make responsible as well as profitable lending decisions. We have to get back to them to make sure that they update or amend their records at the same time we do ours.

When there is a query, what's your first assumption - that the customer's complaint is genuine, or that it could be someone trying it on?

Our consumer help service's mission statement says they are a "consumer champion". We do all we can, not only to put errors right, but also to explain the information on the credit report. Most people who contact us just want the information explaining.

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